Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Are you ready for this? Somebody has invented a way for ladies to, how do I say this, relieve themselves standing up. Its called the pStyle and it is made in Italy. Perfect for backpacking, traveling in Europe, concerts, etc. Doesn't it look like a shoe horn? The pStyle comes in 6 lovely colors and retails for $12. I know what I'm getting people for Christmas this year!!
Get your pStyle today

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Anonymous said...

Oh Kate! You have found the very thing I need to end my lifelong penis envy!! Suffering through life with three brothers and my stint in the ARMY (no joke - I went to boot camp but that is a story for another time) all left me so traumatized and so jealous of Men's ability to pee standing up. Not to mention standing in so many long lines for the toilet at frat parties in college. What would I do without you!? I am very excited about this!! - Kerry C.