Sunday, January 13, 2008

Belated Christmahannukah

Every year I celebrate Christmas & Hannukah in January with my special group of ladies. The 07/08 party was hosted last night by Auntie Fafa at her new digs in San Francisco. Great job, Fa! We had a big group of 19 this year with all the significant others that attended. There were also some impressive gift exchange gifts, many being homemade. Kristen created the image collage above and made it into a calendar, and now we all want copies. That is the scanned version so it doesn't look quite as good as hers. Her boyfriend, Peter, was hazed a little bit but I think he secretly liked it. Or maybe not so secretly...

Here is Auntie Fafa recreating the Will Forte & Peyton Manning skit from SNL. Such expression and energy!

I was really happy I could come to the party, what with being a walking time bomb and all. It was buttloads of fun and I love seeing all of you ladies. Feliz 2008 everybody!


ashli said...

39 weeks never looked better! Glad you are getting out and celebrating :)

kjh said...

Awwwww SHEEDEE! thanks for the shout out, I wish I could take credit for that collage, but peter is not only a good poser, but a good collage photoshop master! I am so HAPPY that you were there, it wouldn't have been the same w/out you. I can't wait for evilbebe to come already! I will call her baby sheedee! XOXOXOXOXOXO!

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