Tuesday, May 8, 2007

And the Winner is...

A big thank you to everybody for participating in the first Photo Caption Contest! All of these submissions had me LOL'ing. It was an extremely tough call to pick just one! The winner of the first Photo Caption Contest is Jason Lane with:

Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya, and this is my sister Gloria..You killed our father prepare to die.

I had to pull in a panel of judges because they were all excellent. Other strong contenders included Todd's submission, as well as the submissions by Courtney and Dave. Great job you guys! I have some witty friends.

Jason, you are the proud owner of a brand new Hello Kitty Waffle Maker!
This state-of-the-art waffle maker makes 4 different Hello Kitty-shaped waffles at once. It is stainless steel with a built in thermostat. It also has a stay cool decorative exterior with locking lid.

Stay tuned for the next Photo Caption Contest over the next couple of weeks, with more great prizes...

1 comment:

Court said...

Courtney = sore loser
Katy & Courtney = broken up
Jason Lane = Dead when I meet him
Smoochies! ;)