Tuesday, May 29, 2007

And the Winner Is...

Alright you guys, this was a *very* difficult decision. It took me all weekend to decide. Every submission was imaginative and made me laugh! The 2nd place prize goes to Zane for the following submission:

I'm like Jo-Jo, the idiot circus-girl with a pretty new pet. So i
stroke it, and i pet it, and i massage it. I love my little naughty
pet. You're naughty.

Zane, you are now the proud owner of the Swinger's Motel keychain by Eldorado Club!!

And the first place prize goes to Michelle for this caption:

"You used to like my scalp massages!"

Michelle, ye shall receive The Good Book! Perfect for those who like to drink at Mass(you know who you are).

I would like to thank everyone for their participation. Courtney and Dave, always a pleasure to read yours. And mom, nice touch with the King Kong reference. Please come back for the next Caption Contest!! There are more fun prizes in store :-)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Zane should be disqualified because he can't use a computer! You have to login to win man!

~Bitter in Chatsworth