Tuesday, October 16, 2007

U2 is obscene, says Mr. Evil

Mr. Evil sent this article to me and said, "U2 is obscene". They're going to build a gargantuan skyscraper that will be the focal point of downtown Dublin. One might say they're compensating...

Bono's U2 Tower to be Tallest in Ireland

At least the thing is going to have a solar panel on it.

In more important breaking news: Mark got new shoes today. Nice socks, sir.

Day 3 of the Challenge and still going strong!!


Mark said...

Don't hate on the socks...at least they are clean!

Seriously...don't know where this shoe addiction came from?

Court said...

Can I please please be Mark's hag?

Also - I used to love U2 but doesn't it seem like Bono is kinda turning into a douche?

Just sayin ...

T-Dog said...

oh! lookie there! Okay, quick, who is this:
"Mine is big and it LIGHTS UP! Plus, I wear my sunglasses ALL the time, even at night (like Cory Hart). I'm the coolest man alive. . . just ask Oprah.)

Mark, if Bono were half the man you are, he wouldn't have to build big monstrosities in Dublin.