Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Geeks Do It Better

I married one. Geeks, nerds, technies, dweebs, whatever you want to call them, they make great partners. Here is a short list demonstrating why I love Geeks:

1. Our house is networked and we have 1.5 terabytes of storage. What does that mean for me? Infinite storage space for shooting and storing photos to my heart's content. Mwahahaha.

2. Mr. Evil studied Mechanical Engineering. He had a total of 2 females in his classes while we were in college (one of them looked like Walter Matthau). By default I was the cutest girl on the planet. Well, his planet.

3. I wiped my memory card last week and lost my mind, running around the house cussing, threatening hari kari. Mr. Evil sauntered in and calmly recovered the missing docs with one hand, lime popsicle in the other. He then retired to his nerd lair for a long session of W.O.W. (if you know what that is then you're a geek too).

4. Geeks appreciate good design and engineering. We invested in a Dyson, the world's most amazing vacume cleaner, which never loses suction. Mr. Evil *actually* seems to enjoy vacuming the house with it! Hands off ladies, I'm keeping this one.

5. Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, blah blah blah. I hated these classes and therefore retained nothing. Sorry mom, its true. If you ask me, everything happens by magic or tiny elf wizards. Mr. Evil is a walking encyclopedia of scientific information. With all of that info on demand from his head I am freed up to absorb superficial garbage. Perez Hilton and Cute Overload come to mind.

6. Science Fiction: adventures in. I probably never would have given Battlestar Gallactica or Firefly a chance otherwise. I am pleasantly suprised to find the acting decent and the plots well thought out. There I said it. Are you satisfied now, husband? Frack.

7. Geeks dont' necessarily look like geeks. Remember your mom telling you that the quiet, studious boys in high school would some day be cute and successful? It's true!!! Now they're good looking AND they have well developed personalities. Shhhhh, don't go telling everybody.

8. The latest gadgets and electronic baubles. I am up to my ears in all the technology a girl could ever want. I even have a new pink Nano that says EvilKate on the back. Le sigh.

9. Geeks attract other geeks. Mr. Evil has a large circle of friends with varied nerdly pursuits. By combining their awesome abilities they could probably hijack North America. Or at least Canada. Ipso facto, I become Queen of Canada.

10 Geeks are efficient and often perfectionists. They will always find the *best* way to do something. This includes driving places, assembling furniture, and most important of all, kissing.

For the record Mr. Evil prefers the term "Well Adjusted Technical Professional" instead of Geek.

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Moak said...

Being a Well Adjusted Technical Professional, I will address each point systematically.

1. RE: home network storage - don't forget the benefit of full access to the media library from anywhere on the premeses. Music, movies, TV shows...

2. RE: female Mechanical Engineers - to be fair, there was ONE girl that was KINDA cute. She got a lot of attention from the guys not dating hotties. I didn't talk to her.

3. RE: data recovery - afterwards I did NOT play W.O.W. I read the TED blog while watching the DIGGnation podcast.

4. RE: the Dyson - while it is true that I love a beautifully designed product, I vacuum just for the points. Same reason I do dishes. And laundry.

5. RE: math and science - physics, chemistry, and calculus are just the beginning. I'm all about the application of differential calculus and linear algebra to mechanical control systems and fluid dynamics.

6. RE: science fiction - you're hott when you swear.

7. RE: quiet and shy in high school - did you just give me a compliment?

8. RE: gadgets - you're not going to tell anyone that you wouldn't use that new iPod until I transferred all your music from your old one?

9. RE: world (ok, Canadian) domination - you promised you wouldn't mention my megalomaniacal plans in public. And yes, you can be Queen of my dominion.

10. RE: efficiency and perfectionism - don't be shy. You can tell them it doesn't stop at kissing...

Thanks for saying nice things about me on your blog. I am both flattered and surprised. Isn't a nice post like this going to ruin your reputation? Maybe I'm just too geeky to recognize the evil undertones...

-Mr. Evil

Court said...

1. What is it with the POPSICLES??? My nerd lives on them too. Is there something in the chemical make-up? Ours are sugar free tho so not too many at once. Know what I'm sayin?

2. This one time I forgot to TiVo WifeSwap so I just logged in from work and programmed it. I N-E-V-E-R would have even been able to hook up the TiVo myself - let alone use the wireless internet I didn't know existed pre-Dave.

Seriously sista - go nerd or go home! ;) Or take a nerd home!

kjh said...

Best post of yours yet. Loooooooved it so much I want my own Geek real bad! lol.